What has been upgraded/changed on Lari banknotes?

On the upgraded Lari banknotes the initial themes of Lari banknotes have been retained, different portraits of the persons depicted on the initial banknotes have been used, in the design individual elements of the theme have been modified or added by which the design of the banknotes presents the important cultural and historical heritage of Georgia in a modern manner with more accuracy.

Despite of retention of the dominant colors, the more vividly distinguished color spectrum has been applied according to denominations. For this point of view the dominant color of 100 Lari denomination has been changed.

The sizes of the banknotes are also upgraded. The principle of diagonal, symmetric increase of the size of banknotes was applied.

The banknote design style has also been changed, that creates the concept of one family.

Modern and highly technological security features, which are at the same time more comprehensible for the consumer, have been improved and used.

Paper specifications and serial numbering have been changed, the Coat of Arms of Georgia and the symbol of Lari have been added as well as one signature has been applied. 

The details of the design are to the maximum extent integrated with the security features and, as a whole, they create a concept of one family.

The technical specifications of the banknotes provide high resistance of the banknotes to dirtying and natural deterioration in circulation.