What will the upgraded banknotes look like?

On the upgraded Lari banknotes the initial themes of Lari banknotes have been retained, although the following changes have been applied: 

The stories reflected on the banknotes are made more diverse through adding individual new elements, by which the design of the banknotes presents the important cultural and historical heritage of Georgia in a modern manner with more accuracy.

According to the denominations, clearly distinguished color spectrum is used, which harmonically fits the dominant and contrast colors of the main plot.

The sizes of the banknotes are also upgraded. The principle of diagonal, symmetric increase of the size of banknotes was applied.

New modern and high technological security features have been applied to the banknotes that are, at the same time, easily comprehensible for the consumers.

The banknote design style, parameters and security features are modern, tested and consequent for each denomination.

The details of the design are to the maximum extent integrated with the security features and, as a whole, they create a concept of one family.

The technical specifications of the banknotes provide high resistance of the banknotes to dirtying and natural deterioration in circulation.