What are the stages of production of banknotes?

Banknote production process includes the following stages:

- Determination of the banknote design directions and other specifications and development of corresponding design sketches;

- Selection of banknote producing enterprise and integration/refining of the design and other specifications of banknotes, developed by NBG;

- Preparation of original materials necessary for banknote production;

- Development, quality control and cumulation of paper, inks and row materials necessary for banknote production;

- Preparation and agreement of proof prints of the banknotes;

- Mass production of banknotes;

- Quality control of finished banknotes;

- Packaging of finished banknotes;

- Delivery of finished banknotes to the Customer;

- Control check of banknotes received by the National Bank of Georgia;

- Technical adaptation of banknote sorting devices;

- Organizing issuance of banknotes in circulation.

Technological process of printing consists of several steps (offset, intaglio, screen printing, high printing, varnishing) and after each step there should be some time to allow drying of ink after every printing stage. Next stages are cutting formats according to the banknote dimensions, quality control, packaging and transportation.