What were the problems of the lari banknotes issued before 2016?

Taking into account the modern practice, we may say that in visual terms, lari banknotes issued before 2016 did not create the impression of the integral family from face value point of view. Considering the improvement of technologies developing in international practice, both from visual and qualitative point of view, the above banknotes are already outdated and do not respond any more to the trends of banknote printing industry in the world, such as:

- Banknotes with no white areas and frames, which is also justified by improvement of resistance to dirtying;

- Identical design and printing style of all denomination banknotes for better perception by the population;

- Vivid contrast between the colors of the different denomination banknotes, which reduces the risk of confusion;

- Details of polygraphic design matching the dominant and contrast colors of the main plots used on banknotes and the patterns for the diversity of color scale, which is the best obstacle for counterfeiting;

- Portraits made with clear concentrated intaglio lines for the purpose of their better protection from counterfeiting and improvement of esthetic and visual side;

- Prioritized approach to high technological machine reading security features, caused by the development of automated quick payment devices and the demand for them;

- An integrated concept of common image of the banknotes, which means that the details of the design should best ensure flexible integration and harmonic synergy of security features;

- Different types and layouts of security features used for different denominations, which impedes falsification of denomination.