Size: 64 X 127 mm     Colour: Blue


  • Visual Elements
The portrait of famous Georgian writer and public figure Akaki Tsereteli with lettering of his name in Georgian “აკაკი წერეთელი 1840-1915”; the excerpt from Akaki’s poem "Spring" with his autograph, the flourished branch and the swallow.
The denomination numerals, letterings in Georgian and in English: “საქართველოს ეროვნული ბანკი”, “NATIONAL BANK OF GEORGIA”, “ათი ლარი“, “TEN LARI”, “ეროვნული ბანკის პრეზიდენტი”, the signature of the governor of National Bank of Georgia, the year of issue “2019”, the serial number composed of two Roman letters and eight Arabic numerals.
Painting of well-known Georgian painter David Kakabadze “Imereti-My Mother”, also The Coat of Arms of Georgia.
Denomination numerals, letterings: “საქართველოს ეროვნული ბანკი“, “NATIONAL BANK OF GEORGIA’’, “ათი ლარი“.
The portrait, the denomination numeral and the symbol of Lari appear when looking through the banknote against transparent light.
Graphical animation
The graphical details - the portrait, swallow, poem, flourishing branch, ornaments on the right and left edges of the banknote and letterings (except the title of the signatory, the signature and the year of the issue), featured on the front side, have a raised surface and are felt when touching.
Graphical animation
Two horizontal lines on the left and right edges of the front side of the banknote have a raised surface that is felt when touching and make it possible to identify the banknote’s denomination.
Graphical animation
The images (portrait, denomination numeral, symbol of Lari, swallow, map of Georgia, microtexts), depicted on the silver holographic stripe, change color when tilting the banknote from different angles and have shifting effect.
Graphical animation
Latent Image
The denomination numeral is displayed when tilting the banknote.
Graphical animation
See-through Image
Separated fragments of the denomination numeral, depicted on the front and back sides of the banknote, make a complete pattern against transparent light.
Graphical animation
Optical Variable Ink
The ornament changes color from green to blue when tilting the banknote.
Graphical animation
Vertical Security Thread
The security thread with the cleartext "10 ლარი" is windowed on the back side and visible as a continuous stripe against transparent light. It changes color from green to azure when tilting the banknote.
Graphical animation
Visible Fibers
Red fibers are penetrated into the paper.
Graphical animation
Iridescent Stripe
The longitudinal decor including the denomination numeral is made of transparent ink on the surface of the banknote.
Graphical animation
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